Here are a few of the recycled glass products  that we have created out of trash and thrift store finds.  We also have an Etsy shop.  If you want to buy something or want to commission us to make you that special one of a kind piece of art please email us at  Please follow our blog and like our Facebook page to keep up with all of our new recycled products!

Mosaics made from recycled glass with grout or epoxy.












Custom made Transom





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vintage window summer winter scent    stain glass recycled glass vintage window geometric flowers

The last two mosaics are from a client’s great grandmother’s house and made with some of the bottles from their wedding.  We love custom orders like this.

IMG_0959 IMG_0935

Rain Chains!

recycled glass welcome sign driftwod

Welcome sign made from recycled glass and a cool piece of driftwood

bombay chardonnay perrier recycled glass mobile wind chime

Bombay-Chardonnay-Perrier….bottles this mobile was made from and then hung from a gnarly piece of driftwood with reclaimed copper connectors.

upcycled bottle earrings


keelen wedding backdrop recycled

wedding backdrop glass recycled


Below is a video of several different wind chimes/mobiles we have made.  All are a one of a kind!