Wedding Backdrop


Andrew Marson Warren memorial

I was honored that I was asked to create a memorial piece for this young man, Andrew Marson Warren, who was taken from his family and friends way too soon. This piece is hanging at my alma mater, Clinton High School in a beautiful courtyard created to celebrate his friends and remember him.

Dancing Rooster STJ

Dancing Rooster on St. John, USVI just received a new assortment of recycled glass items from FullCircle. (Mosaics, wine chimes and earrings) Looking for that great recycled gift or something special just for you? Stop by and say hello to Mark and Mark then do a little shopping!

DIY grout and epoxy mosaics with photos!

I have started doing a combination part grout part resin mosaic and wanted to share what I have learned.

After I get the photo frames ready, I clear chalk the glass in the frame front and back and let dry 24-48 hours.  Next I glue my pieces of glass for my scene on the glass. 

After the glue dries, 24-48 hours,  I grout the portion of my mosaic I have prepared. Use a pretty stiff grout. 

Clean and let dry 24-48 hours again. Then I lay the pieces of glass to finish off my mosaics. In this case I have used colored bottle pieces and broken tempered glass. Next lay mosaics flat and cover entire piece with ArtResin. Let dry 24-48 hours! The tempered glass gives a 3-D affect and I love to use it as water!

DIY recycled glass mosaic on a vintage window

This is how we make mosaics on vintage windows with photos. 

Find some old wooden windows. Sand the chipped paint off and get old caulk off if it is chipping. Then put a bead of clear caulk around back of all the panes. Spread with your finger. Do the same to the front after the back dries for a few days. If you want to paint the window now is the time. I usually like to leave them rustic.

Now we take clean, dry bottles put them in a large container, we use an old roasting pan, cover with some material and smash with a hammer. Always wear goggles!

Next we fill our kiln up with all the pieces of glass. This makes them flat and not sharp so easier to work with.

Figure out what design you want. We draw it on a piece of white paper and lay under the window. Start gluing pieces down. We use E6000 glass glue. Make sure you go around all the back edges of glass so grout doesn’t get under the Glass. Tape off window pane with blue painters tape.

Get your grout ready to lay per instructions from supplier.  We wear a plastic glove and spread grout all over the glass design. Make sure you get grout in all the corners and every space between Glass.

Wait ten minutes and start wiping excess grout off from your mosaic making sure not to take too much. Wait another hour and wipe some more. I use a dry rag for this. In a couple of hours it should be dry enough to start using a damp sponge to get grout off of glass. Clean sponge in between wipes. Let dry for a few hours then I use a cheese cloth to really clean glass. Do this again the next day.

After grout is completely dried  we put a two part epoxy on the front and back of our artwork. ArtResin is what we use. Use a foam brush to spread it all over the entire piece. The epoxy takes 24 to 48 hours to dry. Make sure you read the directions and do exactly what they say. This makes the piece stronger and looks very finished.

This is the finished product.  (All glass came from bottles headed to the landfill. Skyy Vodka, Bombay Gin, beer and wine bottles were used for this palm tree in a wave)

Thanks for reading!

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